Wisdom Teaching of the Plants
11:00 AM11:00

Wisdom Teaching of the Plants

Wisdom Teachings of the Plants

Saturday, August 24th* - 11AM-5PM, Lake Hill, NY 12448

with Rebecca Singer, Shaman & Robin Rose Bennett, Green Witch

Join two irreverently reverent daughters of Nature and EarthSpirit for a fun and inspiring day in the Catskills as we explore all things herbal in the spirit of relaxation, play, and with a focus on deep attunement.

The green beings are our elders and teachers and have much to offer us.

You will be guided into ancient practices to help you listen to the wisdom of the plants and trees.

You will also learn how to identify several common medicinal plants, ethically wild-craft (harvest medicine), and make effective herbal preparations to use for your health and the health of your family.

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A Heartbeat and a Breath Between Earth and Sky
to Sep 19

A Heartbeat and a Breath Between Earth and Sky

A Heartbeat and a Breath Between Earth and SKy

An online class to explore Modern Shamanic Practices

We will meet online twice weekly for 4 weeks for 1 hour.

We will explore:

The non human centric, Medicine Wheel approach to life

Practices to connect you with: Tree, rock, water, sky, river.

How to ask for help from the universe.

Energetic strategies for staying centered in today’s world.

We will meet via ZOOM twice weekly, from 7:30pm-8:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays EST Cost $130 Begins August 27Th. 

Please Email me at becca.sing@gmail.com to register.

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Energetic Healing Class
3:00 PM15:00

Energetic Healing Class

All life is energy. Around your physical body, is an energetic body. This body is filled with

information about your state of being, ancestry, emotional and mental health, and how your heart and soul

are feeling about your life.

With the practice of energetic healing, we learn to read this body, one step at a time, and then to help to shift the energy into a more alive, healthy, flowing state.

In this class, which is a Level One, you will learn:

What is Energetic Healing

How to sense the Energetic Body

Protection/ Boundaries

How to read the Energetic Body

Basic uses of hands on healing

Basic uses of rocks, crystal, and sound for Energetic Healing

Class is every third Friday of the month, beginning July 26th., for 6 months. 3:00pm-5:30pm.

You must commit to all classes.

Location is at our home in Lake Hill. Address available upon registration. Nonfundable deposit of $50 due July 12th. Remainder due first day of class.

To register, email me at becca.sing@gmail.com

Cost $30

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Drum Circle at Mirabai in Woodstock/2nd Monday of every month
6:30 PM18:30

Drum Circle at Mirabai in Woodstock/2nd Monday of every month

I view the drum as a living sacred object, an animal spirit in the form of a drum.

It is also a medicine wheel and an extension of your own heart beat.

In the drum circle {please bring a drum if you have one}, there are usually 4 or 5 extras. The first round of drumming is for your own good health, help, happiness, and protection and for those people/animals you know who need the same who are named during this cycle.

Second round is to send good healing vibrations out to the planet. Third round is improvisational and may include voices as well. People are expected to stay for the hour as we build energy and create a circle.

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