Classes & Ceremonies

Below is a list of classes and ceremonies that I provide.

Dates change regularly and pricing is available upon request.


A Shaman’s Toolkit

I am thrilled to offer a complete Earth-Based Program. This course is for anyone who wishes to work with shamanic healing tools and add considerable knowledge to his/her present work.  These teachings can be integrated into your current healing form if you have one. Whether or not this would be a first step for you or you are a master of your craft, they are life- long tools, both personally and professionally.

This is a year-long class, meeting for a few days each season in Upstate New York. We learn The Medicine Wheel, as taught through Lakota tradition and practices from both this tradition and those of the Reindeer People of Mongolia. The class explores areas where these two traditions overlap. As well as outdoor practices connecting you deeply with nature, you receive didactic information each season, or Gate, and participate in a culminating ceremony at a medicine wheel each Gate.

You will learn not only the seasonal practices of the wheel, but also introductions to crystals, rocks, energetic healing, sound healing, and many guided meditations leading to knowledge of your spirit guides.

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We will meet online twice weekly for 4 weeks for 1 hour.

We will explore:

  • The non human centric, Medicine Wheel approach to life

  • Practices to connect you with: Tree, rock, water, sky, river.

  • How to ask for help from the universe.

  • Energetic strategies for staying centered in today’s world.

We will meet via ZOOM twice weekly, from 7:30pm-8:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays EST

Cost $130, begins August 27th, 2019 



SINGING into BONE is a ceremony that was given to me while in Mongolia. Bones, the longest lasting part of our bodies, carry wisdom, memory and a distinct sense of who we really are. Our souls vibrate through our bones, through the pathways of bone marrow, singing out to the universe. Like wind whistling through long tunnels, the vibration of your bones is the song of your soul.

In this Ceremonial gathering, I am drumming and singing along with drummers in each of the 4 directions. Participants may experience images, memories, and the magic of seeing your soul’s language revealed in your body or through direct words or images. During this ceremony, if you listen carefully you may experience the vibration of your wisest self… and the song of your own heart. 

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