My Services

As a Shaman, it is my intention to help you be your own best healer.

In sessions, I read your energetic body, ask for help from my Spirit Helpers, and bring you information that will aid the balancing of your spiritual emotional physical mental body.

My tools are my drum, voice, crystals, rocks, gong, singing bowls and my hands. As well, I use my intuition and ability to access other realms to gain insight into what would be helpful for you.

I provide practices and support to help you become the full person you came here to be.

Managing transitions, times of stress, as well as times of joy: changes in relationships, career, health, chronic illness, a look into your soul’s purpose. These are the reasons people come to me.

I have been doing this work for over 30 years on three continents, and I can honestly say it still makes my heart sing.

For all session bookings please contact me at

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Healing Session

One to one and a half hour Healing Sessions are conducted in person, in my healing space or via Skype

Your first healing session, I will listen to your reason(s) for coming, take time to read your energetic body, talk with you, and begin treating you. Everything is done with your permission and you are encouraged to ask any questions.

After the initial session, if you wish to continue with me, I will ask that you book a package of 3 one hour sessions or 6 one hour sessions at a reduced rate per session.

During the session, you may receive information about:

  • Your lineage or ancestry, or family history

  • Your path or direction

  • Your health

  • Your relationships

  • Your creativity and passion

Healing Sessions via Skype - I ask that you email me a recent full body photo of yourself prior to Skyping. I then meditate with this photo to receive information on your general state of being. When you call, your session will be a combination of meditation, working together and talking.  

The rate for a Healing Session is $125/1 hour or $160/1.5 hour

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Cleansing Session for Home or Business

Using my drum, sage (if appropriate), a rattle, and candle light, I access the energy of a place and rid it of all negative energies from the past. I may suggest getting rid of certain objects, or at least putting them away. The space will be filled with light and ready to receive your good intentions and energies.

Price For Cleansing sessions is available upon request, PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR A FREE ESTIMATE.


Soul Bundle Work

This is a series of three sessions to connect you with your soul for your lifetime. The first Session is for the purpose of coming into contact with your soul. I then instruct you on how to make a Soul Bundle. While you are in the process of making it, we have a second session to explore your soul’s longings and purpose. The third and final session, which takes place after you have completed your Soul Bundle, is a ceremony to connect you with your bundle.

cost: $450


Your True Face

I will assist you in making a mask of your True Face. This is a personal, ceremonial mask, not an art project.

The first session, we will talk about what it would look like to have a mask that reflected your soul. We may need to connect with your soul for you to know. We will begin the mask.

The second session, you make your soul mask at our home.

The third session, I show you how to use this mask to ask for guidance, help, and to reconnect with your spirit in times you feel “off”. 

All materials provided.

COST $450